International Occupational Health and Safety Congress

About the Congress

The INTERNATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY CONGRESS (IOHSC2017), which will be held for the first time by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Occupational Health and Safety Department aims to share knowledge by presenting the occupational health and safety standards and regulations in our country and in other countries, occupational health and safety practices in the private and public sectors, especially in local governments, related issues that are being encountered, inadequacies to be remedied, suggestions for solutions, examples of good practices, and the current scientific research and development.


The Science of Occupational Health and Safety serves to ensure the occupational health and safety of employees in a personal sense and to improve the occupational health and safety culture in the whole society in a general sense. With this purpose, this international congress to be held by İBB will address in detail the general issues of occupational health and safety in a national and international scale. Additionally, occupational health and safety regulations and practices of local governments will be discussed separately. All subjects will be discussed by occupational safety experts, workplace physicians, academicians, representatives of the public and private sector and other experts and researchers in the field.

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