General Information

International Occupational Health and Safety Congress General Information

Date and Place of the Congress

The International Occupational Health and Safety Congress will be held on the dates of 6 - 7 December 2017 at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Language of the Congress

The language of the congress is Turkish and English. Simultaneous interpretation services will be provided during the congress.

Invitation Letter

All attendees who completed the registration will be issued an invitation letter per request. This letter only serves to help the attendee to get a consent from his/her institution.

Name Tag

All attendees, escorts and company representatives may procure their name tags from the registration desk. It is mandatory to wear a name tag to go through security gates, to enter restaurants and the conference hall throughout the course of the event.

Certificate of Participation

All attendees who registered to the congress will be issued a certificate of participation.

Booth Areas

This area will be reserved for the supporting institutions for promotional purposes.


Attendance in the congress is free of charge.