Former Chief Supervisor , Önder Academy



General Professional experience:


  • Preparation and implementation of Turkish legislation during her employment at Ministry of Occupational Health and Safety as a Inspector, Chief Inspector
  • Labour Inspector (Health and Safety), expertise in implementing national and international legislation about labour inspection & occupational health and safety
  • Risk Assessment training for the Assistant Labour Inspector
  • ATEX Directive and Chemical Hazard training for the Assistant Labour Inspector
  • Seveso II Directive training for the Assistant Labour Inspector
  • Inspection experience in all sectors
  • OHSAS and ILO guidelines, safety management systems
  • Training expertise, training documents, training evaluation
  • Participation to national and international conferences and seminars on behalf of the Turkish Labour Inspection Board (Health and Safety Conference, EU technical committee meetings, etc.)


Specific Professional experience:

International project and training:

  • TAIEX INT MARKT IND/STUD 32697, Study visit on prevention and reduction of exposure arising from carcinogens and mutagens, ("Industriepark") Hoechst in FRANKFURT
  • (EU Legislation, technical standards and standards of practice, European activities, inspection activities.), 2009 in DEUTSCHLAND  
  • BAuA-.Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety : work of German Hazardous Substances Committee, research on carcinogens, development of standards of good practice. DORTMUND, 2009 in DEUTSCHLAND 
  • TAIEX INT MARKT 33757, Workshop on Risks of Radiation Exposure At Workplace,  Assessment and Prevention Methods, organised in co-operation with the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security, 2009 in TURKEY
  • ILIS - Improving Labour Inspection System training, İSTANBUL, 2011
  • G2G Project Strengthening the Capacity of Competent Authorities in Turkey for the Implementation of Seveso II-Control of Major Industrial Accidents EU Directive, January-September 2012, in TURKEY and
  • DCMR Environmental Protection Agency, Industry in Rijnmond Area, training and study, ROTERDAM, HOLLAND the issue of education:
  • EuropeAid Turkey Project -Technical Assistance on Increasing the Implementation Capacity of the Seveso II Directive Tranning
  • OHSAS 18001 Coaching within the frame of Management Standards of Occupational Health and Safety
  • OHSAS 18001 Specialist Inspector for the Management Standards of Occupational Health and Safety