Prof. Dr. Gert van der Laan

Amsterdam Free University

Prof. Dr. Gert van der Laan


Gert van der Laan specialist in Occupational Medicine, founder of the  Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases. Counseling, advisory work and teaching in occupational diseases. Dedicated to improve workers health, especially in agriculture.

Chair ICOH SC Rural Health: agriculture, pesticides, organic dust


·         Visiting professor at the International Centre for Rural Health, University of Milano


·         Staff Member Foundation for Learning and Developing Occupational Health, Leusden, The Netherlands responsible for TUTORIAL (Erasmus+ project in Central Asia)


·         VU Medical Centre, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands for ESPrIT : Strenghtening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Performance of Public Health Institution of Turkey (EU Horizon 2020 Twinning project)


Contract researcher at the Public Health Institute The Netherlands (RIVM) Chromium-6 Investigation