Writing Rules

International Occupational Health and Safety Congress Writing Rules

Writing Rules

1) The abstracts will be prepared in two separate pages, one in Turkish and one in English. (See Sample Abstract) 

2) The abstracts must contain the chapters of a typical scientific publication (objective, method, findings and conclusions). 

3) Abstracts must be between 150 and 250 words in length (excluding the title, names of the authors and keywords), and prepared using the Microsoft Word software, using the Times New Roman font, 12 font size and single line spacing.

4) The first line must contain the title of the abstract in capital letters, and the second line must contain the names of the authors without their titles. The name of the person who will present the study must be underlined and e-mail address of the author responsible must be written under the addresses. 

5) Keywords must be included at the end of the abstract in italics, and there must be 5 keywords at most.

6) Abstracts will be assessed by the Scientific Advisory Board and the "author responsible for correspondence", who is specified in the abstract, will be notified in regards to the result of the assessment.

7) The author is responsible for the contents and language of the abstract. The Board of Science will not edit the abstract.  

8) Posters must be prepared in 70x100 cm dimensions (Sample Poster)

9) In case of a failure to submit the oral or poster presentations that are already in the schedule, these will not be published in the symposium booklet. 

10) Since the abstracts are to be printed as sent by the other using the “Facsimile Method” and no redaction services will be provided, typographical errors must be carefully corrected beforehand. The authors are responsible for any mistakes in the text.

11) Click to access the sample abstract. 


Important Dates

Abstract Deadline: 30 October 2017
Announcement Date for Accepted Abstracts: 06 November 2017
Congress Date : 06 - 07 December 2017